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Presently, over 90% of our staff have had special training in dementia. At any given time over 95% will be in a continuing training program on dementia related topics. Fairhaven Lodge has its own training room within the premises where training for other care homes also takes place. Fairhaven Lodge exceeds the NVQ requirements set by the Care Quality Commission as well as the staff to resident ratio.

Staff are trained to deal with the Challenging behaivours which so often accompany Dementia. They are trained in de-escalation techniques as well as all mandatory courses.

To see what families and others think of our staffing levels, staff interaction with residents, and our management, we strongly encourage you to read the Care Quality Commission Inspection report.

Fairhaven Lodge Staff

Mrs. Carol Williams

Registered Manager

Mrs. Carol Williams has extensive experience in dementia care and has been at Fairhaven Lodge for over 10 years. A superior level highly qualified Manager, Carol is always available to liaise with families and provide undertake assesments.

Phone or email Carol directly for further information about her, the home and the services provided at Fairhaven Lodge, including full time residential care, respite care and day care.

Tel: 01253 720 375
Email: fairhavencare@gmail.com

Mrs. Geraldine Barnes

Deputy Manager

Mrs. Geraldine Barnes, our Deputy Manager has extensive experience in care for persons suffering from dementia and related illnesses. Geraldine is on site and happy to answer any questions you may have.

Tel: 01253 720 375
Email: fairhavencare@gmail.com

Dr. Muni Nazerali


Dr. Muni Nazerali (MB, BS, MRCS, FRCP), is a Regional Medical Officer with extensive psychiatric and geriatric qualifications. Dr. Nazerali is a specialist in mental health and psycho geriatric medicine.

Dr. Najmi Nazerali

Specialist Consultant

Our specialist consultant is Dr. Najmi Nazerali, who is a Professor in geriatric medicine at the University of British Columbia. Her special interest is in cognitive impairments and dementia in the elderly. As an examiner for the College of Family Physicians, she is always available to us for Consultation or to provide the latest research on medications. Dr. Najmi Nazerali keeps us up to date with research and developments. An article which may interest you: "Family Doctors - Challenges with Dementia" CDN Family Physician 52: 157-9 2006.


Specialist care home for adults suffering from any Dementia, Alzheimers and related mental illnesses.

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