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Fairhaven Dementia Daycare Program

Fairhaven Lodge offers full Day Care in order to provide a chance for those with dementia to get out of the house and socialize in a supervised environment.

Day Care also gives caregivers a much-needed break in which to attend to personal needs, or simply rest and relax.

Increasingly, the dementia sufferer becomes isolated and receives limited mental simulation. Our attitude is that people who have been sociable throughout maturity should be encouraged to meet others and mingle to the best of their abilities, while retaining some independence in a safe and secure environment. This enhances the quality of life as assistance is always at hand. Our Day Care Visitors are welcome to join in, have a home-cooked meal, nutritional snacks, and spend the day with others at Fairhaven Lodge. If they enjoy gardening, Eddie (our cook) will get them to help with vegetables or flowers in our garden. If they would like their nails manicured and hair done, then Diane (our beautician) will come by and perform a mini-miracle!

We also offer services the caregiver may feel are needed. For example, we offer bathing on request. This task can prove frustrating for family members and Fairhaven Lodge staff can help. We also offer toilet prompting- again this can be hugely frustrating element of care for caregivers but our staff are trained and over a period of time the Day Care Visitor will usually learn how to respond to this.

Fairhaven Lodge is a signatory to Lancashire Dignity Charter, and has been awarded the Investors in People designation.


Specialist care home for people suffering from Dementia, Alzheimers and related mental illnesses in their elderly age.

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